You’ll never feel secure again

In writing this post, I talked with our former social media editor who echoed what I saying, “Give people the benefit of the doubt and start with a question.” much does that happen on social media? I stressed the need for civility and the importance of not lashing out in full view of potential employers and clients over small things and misunderstandings. Or, for that matter, taking up someone cause without realizing the complexity of a situation. If I give a person the benefit of the doubt and pause to forgive, I think about something I done that was similar to their offence.

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But there are also sort of the up and comers, and one of those this year I think is going to be Amy Winehouse, who’s very quickly becoming a big deal and with good reason. She’s sort of a star in the making. Her persona is very unhinged. If they are at fault, they think, then all they have to do is be better kids and the parents will stop fighting. That isn the case, of course. But lots of kids think that way, at least for a while.Casual thoughts of suicide are not uncommon at your stage of life.

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