You would tell him and he would scoff at you

Could I make a request for all of us suffering

canadian goose jacket Masterlist Search Meta Blog ArchiveRSS through finals week right now?? Could you do BTS visiting their girlfriend while she stressing over exams and they realize she basically canada goose outlet store new york not been sleeping and eating very little and just really stressed and at the end of her rope?? Thanks canada goose outlet nyc and good luck canada goose outlet online store on the blog!! Anonymous Jin mama Jin to the rescue. He would see you stressing, and ranting, and nearly having a beak down. Immediately, he would put his hands on your shoulders to pull you away from your work for just a moment. If you try and fight, don expect him canada goose outlet store toronto to let you go that easy. He would force you away from your work, take your face in his hands, canada goose vest outlet and scold you about the dark circles you have. When was the time you ate? or showered? Not sleeping either? Well, he not leaving your side until he takes care of you. First thing first, he pulls you away from your desk and pushes you towards the bathroom for a long, hot shower to relax your muscles. While canada goose outlet phone number you are in there canada goose outlet michigan doing that, he would set to work on cooking you some food. Jin seems like the kind of cook who can figure something out with whatever he ha son hand, so he would use whatever he could canada goose sale uk find in your kitchen to cook with, making you both a hot meal to enjoy. You would come into the kitchen, beckoned by the smell of something great, and Jin would insist on canada goose outlet kokemuksia serving you. After a hot meal, he would ask you how much more you have to study for, and what needs attention immediately. He would help quiz you a couple of times over the most important material, but if he feels that know it well enough, he tell you that are fine, and need to calm down. He would lay with you in bed, singing canada goose kensington parka uk to you softly, watching as you fall asleep. He would gently touch your face, running his fingers along you worry canada goose outlet winnipeg lines and dark circles. He would be happy to finally see you fall asleep, and lay there with you for a while, kissing the top of your head. Once he knows that you are sleeping deeply enough, he would leave canada goose outlet online you in bed and go do the dishes. Before leaving for the canada goose outlet parka night, he would look around to see if there is anything else that needs to be taken care canada goose outlet seattle of. Once he knows that everything is fine and you are finally resting, he canada goose outlet black friday sale would leave you a note to read, and go on his way. He would just have to make sure official canada goose outlet to check on you again to make sure you don go depriving yourself canada goose parka outlet uk again. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale Suga Now, he takes his work very seriously, and has said that he is known to stay for hours and canada goose outlet edmonton work on things without interruption, so when he says you working really hard, he would really debate with himself on whether or not to bother you. In most cases, I think he would leave you to your work, but if you were in hysterics or shivering like mad, then canada goose outlet uk sale I think he would step in. He would forcefully pull you from your work without a word, and if you were to yell at him, he would probably tell you to shut up. He would pull you to the kitchen where he would feed you some kimchi fried rice, and some coffee. He would watch you scarf down your food, and then ask when the last time you slept was. When you tell him that it has been a couple of days, he would scoff at canada goose outlet ottawa you. Suga works really hard, and he pushes himself when he has to, but he not that crazy. He would sigh and ask you why the hell you would do that. Depriving yourself of sleep is gonna get you no closer to your goal, and instead you should stop and give yourself a break when you get too overwhelmed. He would then pull you to the couch, where the two of you can take a nap together, and so he canada goose outlet legit can make sure you are taking the break you deserve. He loves you very much, and loves to see you working so hard, but he would hate to see your own stubbornness hurt you. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose store J Hope Our precious dancing machine knows what it like to work hard at something for perfection, so when he sees you killing yourself over finals, he would intercept slowly and gently. He would greet you with a kiss on your head, and ask what you are studying. When you give him a brief answer, he would make a small comment before asking how long you have been at it. When you explain how you have been awake for a couple days, he would suggest canada goose outlet online uk that you take a small break to hang out with him. You might look at him like he is crazy, but he would continue to insist until you comply. When you finally allow him to drag yo away from your studies, the first thing he would want to do is feed you. You would both make something simple and quick, with some hot tea to drink, and while you eat he would tell you about the things the boys have been up to. Once you finish, he would do the dishes with you, continuing his antics. Then he would pull you into the sitting canada goose outlet store montreal room so the both of you can talk things over. Thsi is when he would tell you that staying up and depriving yourself is hurting more than helping you, and you should always take some time for yourself. He would also insist you contacting him if you ever feel like this again. The least he can do is call you or text you, calming and comforting you. Then, he would make sure to canada goose outlet authentic put you to bed, all of your textbooks out of sight, and turn on some soothing music for you so that you can finally rest. canada goose store

canada goose uk shop Rap Monster This sweetheart would plan ahead of canada goose outlet miami time. Knowing that you are probably killing yourself over finals, he would arrive with food and drinks in hand. But upon seeing you, he would see just how severe you really are. Pulling you from your work, you would try to resist, and he would have to force you up. He would force you to sit at the table with him and eat the food he had so nicely gotten for you. He would make sure you eat at least two mouthfuls of food before he starts eating himself. He would feed you a lot, just to make sure you are making up for all the meals you probably missed. Then, while he cleans up (hopefully without breaking anything lol) he would tell you to go take a hot shower canada goose womens outlet to relax. However, Namjoon seems like he was a really smart and good student, so when you head back to your room, he would take all your books from you and quiz you. If there is anything you were struggling with, he would help you to the best of his ability. However, as he quizzes you, if he feels that you are more than enough prepared, he would pack away all your things for you and force you to bed. He would lay with you, telling you canada goose outlet in canada lame jokes or making up silly raps until you fall asleep. Then, with one last kiss on your head, he murmur that he loves you and go on his way. He would call you when finals were over, asking you how they went, and telling you that he always believed you would do well. canada goose uk shop

buy canada goose jacket cheap Jimin this kid canada goose clothing uk might canada goose uk site come across as a little annoying right off the bat. He would come blowing into your place, wondering what you were up to, and when he sees you at your desk, he would grab your shoulders and ask what you are doing a thousand times. When you finally snap at him, he would take in the look on your face and freeze. He would ask you when the last time you took a break was. When you tell him you have been awake for days, he would tsk at you before dragging you away. Telling you to shower, he would plan to take you canada goose outlet orlando to the closest little restaurant for a bite to eat. Removing you for the atmosphere of stress would be his plan of action. Because it is most likely late at this point it not likely that anyone will care that you canada goose outlet sale kinda look like a panda. You would be dressed in comfy clothes, and he would make sure to canada goose outlet new york bundle you up before taking your hand and leading the way. You would eat out with him in a dim atmosphere, and he would make it his goal to make you laugh until you are holding your gut. He would pay for the meal, and canada goose factory outlet then make sure you get safely back home. Ever more, he would walk you to your room and make sure that you put yourself to canada goose outlet store near me bed. He would make you promise that you will get good sleep, and as he shuts the door behind him, he knows that you are gonna be asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk outlet V This reminds me of that Bangtan Bomb episode where the other members are trying to take a nap and he is running around rapping at them lol. I have a feeling it would be a little like this. He would see you nearly pulling your hair out, and go up behind you singing some song really softly; probably a love song cuz he loves you. You put up with this for only a short while before turning and snapping at him. Once he has your attention, he would frown at your panda eyes, and pull you away from your studies. Guess what? He brought food and snacks over and he wants to enjoy them with you, and there;s no way you can say no when he pouts and bats those beautiful eyes canada goose outlet at you. Knowing he won, he would canada goose parka outlet drag you to the sitting room, and set up his mini buffet for the two of you on the floor. You would laugh, your eyes running over the cups of ramen, the boiled eggs, the bags of snacks, and some candy as well. All finished off with two giant bubble teas. Probably not what you should be having at this point, but there was no way your were gonna pass up this floor picnic with your boyfriend. As you two eat, he would ask you when the last time you slept was. You would tell him and he would scoff at you, mouth full of ramen. You would laugh, and despite it not being his intention, canada goose outlet factory he would feel good to see you happy. He would continue to make you laugh with his silly antics, to the point canada goose outlet 2015 where you are exhausted and you two had nearly finished all the food. His first priority would be to put you to bed, and he wouldn leave your side until he knows you are down for the night. Then he would clean up you guy mess, even taking the trash out if need be. He would wish you one last goodnight with a kiss on the head before heading home to his own bed. He would ext you in the morning to make sure you slept okay, and to tell you he loves you. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose clearance sale Jungkook is probably coming over to see you so he can get away from his own studies, so when he sees you freaking out, he would sigh and take action. You would both be so exhausted, that he would suggest ordering in and watching a movie. You would listen as he orders from your favorite Chinese place, and then he would canada goose outlet shop pull you into his side, turning on some movie or show you guys love. You would trade small talk about things that don have to do with school, and you would finally canada goose outlet uk feel your nerves start to settle. He would pay for the Chinese food, and then you two would literally veg out on the couch eating fatty food and canada goose outlet trillium parka black laughing at the tv. You guys would be so chill, in fact, the two of you would probably fall asleep on the couch, and Jungkook would wake up when his manager calls him for the hundredth time. He would make sure to quickly clean up, shoo you off to bed, and leave so he doesn get in any more trouble than he already is. Despite the brief and simple time, you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated; but your boyfriend had always been that way for you canada goose clearance sale.