They work in reasonably traumatic services that are

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moncler outlet online Research found that virtual embodiment can have striking effects on attitudes and behavior. For example, white people who experienced a virtual black body showed less unconscious stereotyping (called implicit bias) of black people.wondered whether virtual embodiment could affect cognition, said Slater.we gave someone a recognizable body that represents supreme intelligence, such as that of Albert Einstein, would they perform better on a cognitive task than people given a normal body? find out, the researchers recruited 30 young men to participate in a virtual embodiment experiment.Prior to the embodiment, the participants completed three tests: a cognitive task to reveal their planning and problem solving skills; a moncler outlet task to quantify their self esteem; and one to identify any implicit bias towards older people.The final task was used to investigate whether the experience of having an older appearance simulation could change attitudes to older people.The study participants then donned a body tracking suit moncler sale and a virtual reality headset. Half experienced a virtual Einstein body and the other half a normal adult body. moncler outlet online

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