Women focus on intellect and personality but men are almost

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Canada Goose Parka Let’s start with lesbians. Does a lesbian fantasy do it for you?Jonny, 28: I think lots of men are uncomfortable with guy on guy action so they prefer female on female.Women focus on intellect and personality but men are almost entirely focused on physical attributes before they canada goose outlet toronto factory get to know canada goose outlet kokemuksia someone, and they adore the female form, so two is better than one, right?Chris, 35: In straight porn, there is always a guy on the periphery; watching lesbians takes him out Canada Goose Outlet of the equation so there’s less competition.But the lesbian thing canada goose outlet mississauga doesn’t do it for me. I have lots of lesbian friends so I don’t think of lesbian women in a sexual way.I think when guys talk about ‘hot lesbians’, they are actually talking about ‘hot girls’.Guys brag about it to each other, but it’s a fantasy, not a common occurrence.In your head it’s like, yeah, bring on five at once! But we are just regular guys and in reality it’s quite daunting.Paul: I imagine having a threesome with my girlfriend and someone else.The turn on is seeing her being pleasured, not just striding in and having two women.I wouldn’t be that bothered about whether the third person was male or female.So are men lying about their favourite fantasies?Ryan: You’re almost expected to give the answer ‘lesbians’ and ‘threesomes’ because those are socially acceptable to admit to.Tom: Some men like the idea of dominance and other men like to be dominated, but it’s emasculating to admit it.It means we have a huge problem as men.Suicide is way more common for men than women and I think it’s partly down to this idea that men have to be ‘strong’ all the time.. Canada Goose Parka

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