Whew! That was close! ABS was in a mess that Friday

More than 300 immigration activists protested front of the White House, calling Trump a and a and more than two dozen demonstrators were reportedly arrested outside Trump Tower in New York. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, resigned from Trump presidential diversity committee over the action. A tweet, former Vice President Joe Biden wrote: by parents, these children had no choice in coming here.

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iphone 7 plus case It will be a crying shame if Citroen doesn’t bring the C4 Aircross to the UK. The compact crossover market is growing quickly at the moment, and a car this stylish and capableon the road is sure to be a hit with UK buyers.The massive sales success of the Nissan Qashqai has sent rivals scrambling to build their own compact crossovers and Citroen is the latest to enter the fray with the C4 Aircross.Before you pick up the phone to your local dealer cheap iphone cases, though, there’s a twist the company is still undecided about whether converting it to right hand drive and bringing it to the UK makes financial sense. If it does go on sale in Britain, this 1.6 HDi model is the only version we’ll get.This fifth addition to the C4 family which already includes the C4, DS4, C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso is based on the Mitsubishi ASX, in the same way that the larger C Crosser is a Mitsubishi Outlander underneath.But from the outside, the C4 Aircross hides its roots well. iphone 7 plus case

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iphone 6 plus case Few Somalis have probably heard of Hobbes but most would agree with his description except for “solitary”, as family and clan ties remain extremely strong.Driving 50km (30 miles) from one of the airstrips near the capital, Mogadishu, to the city, you pass seven checkpoints, each run by a different militia.At each of these “border crossings” all passenger vehicles and goods lorries must pay an “entry fee”, ranging from $3 $300, depending on the value of the goods being carried and what the militiamen think they can get away with.There is no pretence that any of this money goes on public services, such as health, education or roads.Much of it is spent by the militiamen on khat, an addictive stimulant, whose green leaves they can chew for hours on end.Those who can afford it travel with several armed guards and then you can pass the road blocks unmolested.Much of south Mogadishu appears deceptively calm but parts, including the north, remain too dangerous to visit.While Siad Barre is commonly referred to as a dictator and people were press ganged into fighting wars with Somalia’s neighbours, some now remember with fondness that schools and hospitals were free.It is now estimated that only about 15% of children of primary school age actually go to school, compared with at least 75% even in Somalia’s poor neighbours.In Mogadishu, many schools, colleges, universities and even government buildings, have become camps for the people who fled to the capital seeking sanctuary from fighting elsewhere.Makeshift shelters made from branches, orange plastic sheets and old pieces of metal cover what were once manicured lawns outside schools and offices.And since some of the militiamen started to kidnap aid workers, demanding huge ransom fees, many of the aid agencies have pulled out, leaving many of those in the camps without any assistance whatsoever.”Some of my children sell nuts in the street to earn some money. We can’t afford to send them to school,” says Ladan Barow Nur with resignation, as she cooks chapattis for the evening meal on an open fire just outside her tent.”My husband helps shoppers carry their goods in the market but it’s not enough. We’re always hungry.”She lives in what was a school in Mogadishu iphone 6 plus case.