When I was putting the roof insulation in

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Such brazenly partisan coverage chooses not to expose the apathy of the regime towards Professor G D Agarwal who died after 111 days of hunger strike for a clean Ganga. This did not outrage the faithful the way cow zealots lynching hapless Muslims does. This despite the fact that we do have two historical instances of outrage over deaths in hunger strike..

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It has to be understood that in this country, nothing changes just by changing policies. It takes an emotional movement, which is what I believe Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing with the Swachh Bharat movement. The process of wanting to clean India is not an overnight job.

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I not advocating it, but this is why people end up resorting to piracy. Remembering who provides what and where is a hinderance and friction these providers aren taking into account. Being able to go to one place to access everything at one place at higher quality and reliability at no cost (maybe except a VPN and storage) will become more appealing (and risk?) for many that are currently subscribed to multiple services already.