What if Sunmaker ploy on behalf of Endowment was to

2 points submitted 4 days agoHer height, and general physique combined with a good level of in ring ability underlay her gimmick of being a Flair mesh panel bikini set, and make her work as a character.What exactly is her character? She a Flair and that it. Why do you think WWE have gone back and forth with having her name be “Charlotte” and “Charlotte Flair”? You can argue she supposed to be the “Queen” of whatever Women Division she on but there nothing about her that is interesting or warrants her place.She decent in ring at best when she in there with good great performers criss cross bikini, she horrendous on the mic (and suffers from permanent bitchiness so why they position her as a face is beyond me), and yet she positioned/pushed because of her namesake over arguably more talent women like Becky, Sasha, etc.I say it boggles my mind but considering how much Vince/HHH love the Flairs, it not at all surprising.You do realize that having the same gimmick as her father, is different from not having a gimmick right? Because right now you just sounding ignorant. Ric Flair was not some gimmickless wrestler.

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dresses sale MCH: Low potencies make this difficult (and I sure we see upgrades), but again: They don really have an AoE combo. They can Flamethrower and Bishop Turret/Bishop Overdrive, but they really don have the AoE DPS you crave. They only get the Machinist version of Quick Nock, and unlike RDM twist front bandeau bikini top, they don even get a Heated Spread Shot.. dresses sale

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Monokinis swimwear I also think Sadees, the Sunmaker was somehow involved with a ploy to collaborate with Endowment. If you consider the Trelagist religion, Nalt was represented by the sun whereas Trell was the many smaller stars. What if Sunmaker ploy on behalf of Endowment was to consolidate all the minor Dawnshards into one big weapon?The nature of the Nahel Bond would be tied to his abilities as a bondsmith. Monokinis swimwear

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