She went on to say that she wouldn’t call him ‘happy’ with it

18 fascinating things I learnt living next door to a prostitute

canada goose outlet store new york (Picture: Dave Anderson/Metro)Ittook me several months of living next door to a prostitute before I realised what my canada goose outlet in usa neighbour did for a living. canada goose outlet store new york

canada goose outlet black friday sale To be fair, why should I have? It’s not really any of my business and I tend to keep myself to myself anyway. canada goose outlet black friday sale

It barely reached my notice that she had regular male visitors, all of whom were canada goose outlet reviews slightly different and one or two who wouldn’t look me in the eye as I passed them on canada goose outlet the stairwell in our block of flats.

canada goose outlet new york But after I got to know my neighbour, who is more than happy for me to talk about her occupation and her life but preferred to remain anonymous, I not only learned about her job but also discovered a series of fascinating things about her which proved that, despite stereotypes of red lights and fishnet canada goose outlet parka stockings, those who use sex as an income can beas everyday as you or I. canada goose outlet new york

canada goose outlet las vegas Shoes off, please! (Picture: Getty)2. Her clients take their shoes canada goose outlet uk sale off canada goose outlet sale outside her door. There may be dirty goings on inside, but she does not want any dirt dragged in canada goose outlet online uk on to her carpets. Fair enough. canada goose outlet new york city Since then, I have noticed that the shoes I goose outlet canada absentmindedly ignored outside of her door are completely different each time. canada goose outlet las vegas

3. She vets her clients before allowing them to know her address. The job comes with its risks and I asked her how she knew she was safe allowing strangers into her home. She simply replied that she doesn’t, but she meets up with them first and canada goose outlet black friday uses her own canada goose outlet uk instincts to gauge whether they are trustworthy.

5. And yes, she pays income tax. Like anyone who is self employed, she pays her way.

canada goose outlet toronto location 6. She is honest with her boyfriends from the outset. She salecanadagooseoutlets admitted that it put over 90% of potential lovers off, but she added that she currently does have a boyfriend. She went on to say that she wouldn’t call him ‘happy’ with it, but he certainly accepts it and knows that to her, it is just a job. He hasn’t moved in though and that isn’t on the agenda. I’d imagine that could get awkward if he was watching Match Of The Day in the adjacent room while she was working. canada goose outlet toronto location

canada goose outlet in usa This isn’t her game (Picture: Getty)7. She doesn’t dress in any special way. While sometimes clients pay extra to request a costume or a certain way they would like her to dress, she usually answers her door in whatever she happens to have on whether that’s jeans and T shirt, a nightie or a hoodie and pyjamas. She doesn’t own a pair of fishnet stockings, nor a miniskirt. Goodbye, stereotypes! canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose jacket outlet store 8. He cried on her shoulder and insisted on paying the full rate. canada goose jacket outlet store

canada goose outlet uk 9. Others just want to hang out. She offers a friendship service that doesn’t have to be about sex and has several regulars who pop round just to Netflix and chill without any afters. canada goose outlet uk

canada goose outlet location 11. She charges extra for kissing. She believes kissing to be more intimate than acts of copulationso if clients want a bit more passion, they have to cough up for it. canada goose outlet location

canada goose outlet online store review 12. She makes a decent living. She didn’t go into too much detail on this but I did quickly deduce that she can afford a decent flat on her own wage as well as a good holiday each year. canada goose outlet online store review

13. She doesn’t advertise anymore. She did initially but now relies completely on word of mouth and returning clients.

14. She doesn’t pry into her clients’ backgrounds nor does she want to know. She explained that she would never know the honest truth anyway but she wants to block out the possibility that many of her clients are probably love cheats or married, potentially with kids. While it has yet to happen, she believes if she learned a client canada goose outlet store had a family, she wouldn’t go through with it. She has never seen a wedding ring on a client but accepts that this means nothing.

It doesn’t always go well for him (Picture: Getty)15. She didn’t charge one client when he suffered premature ejaculation. canada goose outlet store uk She told me that on one occasion, a customer finished in his own trousers after taking her top off and she refused to accept any money from him as he was clearly embarrassed enough. Strangely he has actually returned since and lasted long enough for her to feel okay charging him.

16. One of her clients insists on helping with chores. At one stage, she had a regular who took her bin bags down to the bins for her and also fixed a shelving unit for her. Handy!

canada goose outlet locations in toronto 17. Which must help her when she has to fake canada goose outlet locations in toronto

18. She is not ashamed of her work. She spoke to canada goose outlet online me openly and nonchalantly and insisted that she didn’t class what she does as seedy or dirty.

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canada goose outlet paypal I certainly enjoyed chatting to someone who was literally just your everyday girl next door who just happens to earn money from sex. canada goose outlet paypal

However, it is important to point out that while the woman’s stories were interesting, prostitution carries huge risks to safety and potentially health and also carries numerous legal issues, so it is never a recommendation to become involved in such activity.

After all, for every girl next door who seems happy in their role, there are just as many who have deeply unpleasant and dangerous experiences and a great deal who are forced or pressured into prostitution, making it still a pressing concern overall.

canada goose outlet los angeles There are many who are forced or pressured into prostitution (Picture: Getty)What I came away with is that while the woman I spoke to had a lot to be proud of and clearly had a smart and experienced head on her shoulders, prostitution is still something I couldn’t advocate as a canada goose factory outlet safe or even happy way of earning money. And, during our conversation, she agreed that while she felt it was right for her, she couldn’t imagine doing it for much longer as it was holding her back from exploring career avenues that are more satisfactory and also from developing a longer term relationship with her boyfriend. canada goose outlet los angeles

She also added that she would never recommend any of her friends to follow her path.

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