We do not agree for right wing nationalist in uniforms or suits

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replica hermes belt uk Sorry lurker comrades.If you in a more serious mood, please also check out:”Antifascist coalition against nazification of public life invites you to support organisation of 11.11.2018 march “For Your and Our Freedom. Rights are won in a fight”.We want to live in a free and equal society.We do not agree for right wing nationalist in uniforms or suits, young or old to tell us whom we can love, how we can look like, who can be replica hermes bracelet in our country and what we can do with our bodies.Every day we advocate for excluded people, support victims of violence, take part in fights for tenants and workers, collaborate with LGBTQ movement, migrants, homeless, ethnic and national minorities.On November 11th we are organising together an antifascist demonstration “For Your and Our Freedom. Rights are won in a fight”. replica hermes belt uk

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