“We can’t micromanage other elected officials,” she said

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bulk jewelry “So it has been quite beneficial.”There are valid reasons to hire consultants, Urbanik said, including when a job needs to be done quickly and if a level of expertise is needed that cannot be fulfilled in house. An example is the need for the county to hire someone to design and build its new animal shelter, which is in the works.Others have pointed out the benefit of hiring a temporary consultant for a job, rather than placing someone on the payroll for the long term and paying salary and benefits.Porter County government employed 608 full time and 127 part time employees last year costume jewelry costume jewelry, Urbanik said.While county commissioners sign contracts for county services, Blaney said discretion is left to the various department heads presenting the proposals.”We can’t micromanage other elected officials,” she said. “We have to rely on them for an accurate accounting for what they need.”The county also paid out $150,000 last year to Empower Porter County to combat illegal drug and alcohol use.The payment was the last of a three year agreement at that level, Blaney said. bulk jewelry

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bulk jewelry Just 20 years ago the country’s forests were seen as a safe haven for Asian elephants, but the rise in poaching in its largely lawless countryside has decimated the 10,000 strong population. Attempts to protect the animals could be further undermined by the growing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar. More than 400,000 Rohingya have fled an alleged campaign of military violence bulk jewelry.