Wave Motion Gun: The Valkyrian lance

Dual Wielding: Aarik wields two sabres and is apparently capable of using both at the same time very well. Dying Moment of Awesome: Praxton goes out by Sand Mastering on a scale unseen anywhere else on pages of the comic the entire sky turns red, thousands of sand arrows shoot out in all directions and wave of sand buries both sides. Endless Daytime: The Dayside, of course.

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Practical Currency: In a post apocalyptic setting, clean toilet paper is actually intrinsically useful, much more so than, say, bottle caps. Especially since all the booze and radiation is giving everyone diarrhea. Promoting straight edge lifestyles is admirable murdering everyone who doesn’t conform, not so much.

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Designer Replica Handbags When you have set all the tens, the water also have boiled and you can cook now. In addition, don’t forget set an easy toilet far away from water under the wind. Safety is the most important factor among all the process of camping. Belligerent Sexual Tension: Riven behaves like a jerk and Musa is prickly. Berserk Button: According to the 4kids’ dub opening song, “Look all you want, just don’t touch the hair.” Beta Couple: Several Stella/Brandon, Flora/Helia, Musa/Riven until they break up, Tecna/Timmy, Aisha/Nabu until he dies, Aisha/Nex. Between My Legs: Occurs in several episodes. Designer Replica Handbags

Guide Dang It!: Chapter 4 can be somewhat annoying to play through without the guide to how the game mechanics work, in that the mini games that you play during the course of the game determine whose path you are allowed to end up pursuing. Also, failing to max out one of the categories by the end of the chapter causes you to receive a Bad Ending. Anon’s Journey to the Center of the Mind can be this too if you don’t know which glass shards to click.