Wall Street’s “natural” party is certainly the Republican Party

Beginning in the mid 1970s the twin policies of financial deregulation and tax cuts for the super rich laid the groundwork for the rise of financial industry billionaires. We were told these policies would fuel an enormous investment boom that would cause all boats to rise. Not quite.

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Who lost in the debate? If you ask Newt Gingrich, it the media. During the debate, he scolded the moderators; hope all of my friends up here are going to repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama who deserves to be defeated. Some ways, Mr.

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Wholesale replica bags Third Way is the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party, which seeks to defeat Democratic candidates like Elizabeth Warren running against Wall Street sycophants like Senator Scott Brown and seeks to unravel the safety net programs that are the crown jewels of the Democratic Party. Wall Street’s “natural” party is certainly the Republican Party, but Wall Street has no permanent party or ideology, only permanent interests. Third Way serves its financial interests and the personal interests of its senior executives. Wholesale replica bags

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