“Virginia never came to get him

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KnockOff Handbags It that they needed classes that could tank to reduce queue/waiting times for any pug/lfg/dungeonfinder content, as it used to be horrible. Tanks are always melee and ultimately a ranged DK/Monk/DH wouldn have really worked. Monk on the other hand was a very generic (“low hanging fruit”) class that, again, doesn lend itself well to a ranged spec.I think a Bard would be another “low hanging fruit” type class that could have ranged specs, but Blizzard decided very early on that they didn want support classes in WoW and I think pretty much everyone would expect a Bard class to be support heavy.A tinker and/or alchemist class would also fit as a slightly less generic class with precedent in the Warcraft universe, but Blizzard might see issues with those stepping on the respective professions toes.Shadow hunters are the troll version (healing tree), dark rangers the undead version (with dots and temporary summons) and then there be a void version for alliance modelled after Alleria (I don know, high dps risk vs reward gameplay?).I pretty sure there a reason void elves exist and not just high elves given the boatload of flak Blizz has taken over it.Back in vanilla, it started with 2 mail, 2 plate, 2 leather and 3 cloth KnockOff Handbags.