A variation of the normal election cycle almost occurred in

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Celine Outlet Essentially, it’s the legislative equivalent of ‘We’re firing you.’ can force an election, and the Prime Minister can ask the Governor General to dissolve the government at any time it is expected, but not legally required, that the Prime Minister will wait at least six months since the last election. Once government is dissolved, the election cycle normally lasts five to six weeks, during which candidates campaign and stump for votes.A variation of the normal election cycle almost occurred in December 2008, when the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Qu drew up a formal agreement to topple the Prime Minister and the ruling Conservatives in a non confidence vote (the previous October’s election had resulted in a minority government with the Liberals, NDP and Bloc together outnumbering the Conservatives) and then to request that the Governor General install them as a majority coalition government, all without triggering a general election. Celine Outlet

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