It’s a Transplanted Character Fic

I am well aware that the New York Times, for decades, has been considered a vital source of information authenticity, and its owners believe implicitly in its slogan that it is purveying “all the news that’s fit to print.” Sadly, the Times too, has surrendered to the disease of political certainty that has afflicted the Post. Bias, of whatever persuasion, always distorts the truth and chases away the open minded. It is time for a Times reset.

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Curse Cut Short: The Wyvern’s last words. Demonic Possession: Superhumans possessed by the Lloigor. De Power: Cloud 9 claim to have lost their powers. Driving in cumbersome armored personal carriers behind the Humvee in which Holbrooke and Gen. Wesley Clark were riding, the three vehicles plunged off the road, killing Defense Department officials Joseph Kruse and Richard Fraser along with military attach Col. Drew Nelson..

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