Too much of a rolling chassis can also contribute to tyres

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The two reflections have slightly different wavelengths, and are slightly out of phase. When they recombine, some of the waves cancel out and produce a color other than white. The exact color seen depends on the thickness of the oil layer on top of the water (and the oils refractive index).

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If this solution would take some of the work out of the monthly updates when rooted, I would be all about it.After reading through it a few more times are you simply stating that you would download the monthly OTA file to a PC, sideload it in TWRP then while in TWRP reflash the patched boot image you have here?Something gone terribly wrong for me. I followed the exact steps in /u/supersickie post, and everything a mess. Phone only boots into TWRP, and when you browse the /sdcard/ folder it just a bunch of garbled nonsense.Not sure what to do now.

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