Some time back he read an article that I had written for Men’s


canada goose outlet buffalo “I’m really confused, doc. I now know sugar is bad, but with all these newspaper stories I don’t know what else to eat. Is cutting carbs a fad, or should canada goose outlet store I just count calories and stick to a low fat diet?” canada goose outlet buffalo

canada goose outlet store uk In 2013, following months of research analysing the latest scientific literature on canada goose outlet the harms of excess sugar consumption, I published a commentary in the British Medical Journal entitled, “The Dietary Advice on Added Sugar is in Need of Emergency Surgery.” canada goose outlet store uk

I called on the canada goose black friday sale Government’s Scientific Advisory Committee official canada goose outlet on Nutrition (SACN) to urgently revise guidelines that had, in effect, been advising the UK population to consume 22 and canada goose outlet sale a half teaspoons of sugar a day as part of their “Guideline Daily Amount [GDA]”. This was despite the fact that canada goose outlet store uk a consensus statement paper from the American Heart Association in 2009 had recommended a maximum daily limit for added sugar of nine teaspoons a day for men and six teaspoons for women.

canada goose outlet real To put this in perspective, a can of Coca Cola contains almost nine teaspoons of added sugar which they said represented 39 per cent of the GDA. What’s more, a regular sized Mars Bar contains almost triple what canada goose outlet online uk the US Department of Agriculture had recommended to be the maximum limit for the average four canada goose outlet online to eight year old child. canada goose outlet real

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canada goose outlet legit It had become clear to me that commercial relationships with food companies that profited from the sale of sugar with organisations and charities were hindering dietary advice based upon the up to date evidence. canada goose outlet legit

On their food fact sheet, The British Dietetic Association (BDA)stated that sugar was only harmful to teeth while flatly denying that eating too much sugar caused type 2 diabetes.

canada goose outlet washington dc In an email exchange, their head of communications, Jo Lewis, told obesity researcher Dr Zoe Harcombe that the BDA had been “delighted to work with the Sugar Bureau.” canada goose outlet washington dc

canada goose outlet edmonton At the same time, Diabetes UK, whose corporate partners included Abbott, parent company of Abbott Nutrition, were equally in denial regarding the dangers of sugar consumption and the effects it had on type 2 diabetes. Due to its excessive sugar content, its formula milk products had been implicated by respected Californian Paediatrician Robert Lustig in infant obesity a 240ml serving of Abbott PediaSure fortified milk (which is marketed for one to three year olds) contained just over eight tea spoons of added sugar. canada goose outlet edmonton

canada goose discount uk In 2012, Abbott nutrition had declared financial support for conference exhibition fees and sponsorship canada goose outlet black friday for Diabetes UK, equalling 44,302. It was instructive to note that Diabetes UK’s website stated “Partnerships [with corporates] are tailored to meet their corporate objectives,” and that “this approach guarantees mutually beneficial outcomes.” canada goose discount uk

The article received good publicity including a prime time slot with me being interviewed about it on BBC Breakfast.

canada goose outlet ottawa After the interview Bill Turnbull, the show’s presenter, told me that it was “very telling” that none of the 10 different companies or organisations associated with carbonated beverages, supermarkets and sugar manufacturers were available to discuss my concerns on the sofa. canada goose outlet ottawa

Less than a year later, The Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches exposed that several members canada goose outlet uk of SACN had received considerable research funding and personal fees from confectionary giants with its Chairman Professor Ian McDonald working as a paid advisor to Coca Cola and Mars.

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In a pertinent editorial in the Daily Mail it was pointed out that “if they [SACN] enjoy such sweet business connections, can we trust the advice our scientists give us on diet and obesity?”

canada goose outlet near me Such widespread media publicity, including many obesity campaigners joining forces to agree that sugar was now enemy number one in the western diet, appeared to have a significant impact. canada goose outlet near me

Within months, the World Health Organisation revised its guidelines suggesting that the maximum daily limit of sugar consumption should make up no more that five per cent of calories, equivalent to six teaspoons of sugar a day.

But despite several years’ worth of data highlighting the harms of excess sugar consumption, why did it take so long for significant action?

As documented by Yale’s Professor Kelly Brownell and Kenneth Warner from the University of Michigan, the history of the tobacco industry’s dirty tricks to hinder effective interventions to reduce smoking is a powerful lesson, which proves that the science alone isn’t sufficient. Opposition from vested interests needs to be overcome if we are truly going to make inroads into tackling lifestyle related chronic diseases that are crippling health systems around the globe.

canada goose outlet online uk In 1952, the Reader’s Digest at that time the public’s most trusted source of medical information printed an article entitled “Cancer by the Carton”. For almost two years afterwards cigarette sales plummeted, the first significant decline in sales since the Great Depression. canada goose outlet online uk

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canada goose outlet reviews Just over one year later, in an effort to curb the damage caused by studies that linked smoking and lung cancer, Big Tobacco paid for a statement to be printed in 448 newspapers promising to make more effort and work closely with “those whose task it is to safeguard the public’s health”, assuring Americans “we accept as a basic responsibility, paramount to every other consideration in our business.” canada goose outlet reviews

canada goose outlet new york city What they subsequently did for almost five decades was adopt a corporate playbook that stalled any effective regulation by denying that cigarettes were harmful, planting doubt, confusing the public and even buying the loyalty of scientists. Even as late on as 1994, the CEOs of every major tobacco firm went in front of US congress and swore under oath that they did not believe that nicotine was addictive or smoking caused lung cancer. canada goose outlet new york city

Ultimately, it wasn’t the illusion of personal responsibility (which requires the correct knowledge and choice) canada goose outlet canada but policy changes that specifically addressed the acceptability, availability and affordability of tobacco that induced the biggest decline in consumption of cigarettes now accepted to be the single most important factor in reducing death rates from heart attacks in the past three decades.

From my own research it was clear that lifestyle changes on health were huge, something I would see regularly in my own patients who had observed rapid improvements in health markers within days/weeks of ignoring government advice on what constitutes a healthy diet.

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Recently, I canada goose outlet nyc saw a patient who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost 10 canada goose outlet toronto factory years ago. Some time back he read an article that I had written for Men’s Health about the truth on fat and sugar. Almost immediately, he decided to ignore the advice given to him by his dietitian who said he must put starchy carbohydrates at the base of his diet. As a result, he cut out bread , canada goose jacket outlet pasta, rice canada goose outlet , sugar and potatoes, and stopped fearing saturated fat. Even he couldn’t believe the amount of weight he was losing and was amazed that he was able to come off his type 2 diabetes medication and even reduce the amount of blood pressure pills he was taking.

canada goose outlet online store review After my own realisation of the lifestyle misinformation mess, and in an effort to keep the messaging free canada goose outlet new york city from any commercial influence, myself and former international athlete Donal O’Neill created a documentary film funded by the public for the public. With the help of Men’s Healthand The New York Times wewere able to raise 50,000 in four weeks, through crowdfunding canada goose outlet online store review.