This was after they thought they’d defeated the mage

Tolkien’s reactionJ. R. R. Tolkien was able to read Swedish with the help of a dictionary, and following the disappointing first (Dutch) translation he had asked the Swedish publisher for a list of translated names. He was unhappy with Ohlmarks’ work and tried to reason with him, but Ohlmarks wouldn’t budge. To avoid similar problems in the future, Tolkien wrote a translation guide which later translations to other languages profited from. When The Silmarillion was published, Christopher Tolkien specifically asked for another translator, and the Tolkien estate and the Swedish Tolkien fandom carried on a low key feud with Ohlmarks until his death. One of the lowlights of this was a screed Ohlmarks wrote wherein he accused Swedish Tolkien fans of being Satanists under the control of the Tolkien estate in Oxford. In 2004 a new translation of the books was finally made. Swedish LotR fans now need to decide whether to be relieved that the errors are, at long last, corrected or to feel that They Changed It, Now It Sucks.

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