This year, fans will have an automated, personalized highlight

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IBM has introduced a new campaign and brand platform, ‘Let’s Put Smart to Work,’ and is using its supercomputer Watson to create personalized highlights at the Masters golf tournament.The campaign invites users to “put smart to work” to transform healthcare, retail, energy and other industries. It also invites the world to apply Watson, cloud, blockchain and security to change how we fight disease and hackers, produce coffee and save rhinos.The campaign theme runs through IBM’s entire business, being the theme of its 2018 annual report and its Think conference, as well as for seven new television spots that are running during the Masters.IBM has worked with the Masters for more than 20 years to showcase the tournament to golf fans around the world, including doing Cognitive Highlights powered by Watson last year. This year, fans will have an automated, personalized highlight reel service available on and the Masters apps. Enabled by Watson, ‘My Moments’ gives fans a customized digital experience based on their favorite players, as well as the last time they visited one of the Masters digital platforms.The feature fills viewers in on the moments that they care about in the context of the overall tournament and the players they select as their favorites. In addition to ‘My Moments,’ Watson will also help the Masters editorial team work at scale by watching all the live-stream video and separating the potential clips by recognizing the beginning and end of a particular player’s shot. Watson will identify the player in the clip, the hole he is on, and which shot he is taking. Watson then further analyzes the video for player gestures, emotion, commentator and roar of the crowd and determines an overall excitement level for the shot.The ‘Let’s Put Smart to Work’ ads each address a different element of smart technology, including how farmers are putting smart to work using satellite imagery, weather data and AI to help monitor soil moisture levels and increase their yields knockoff bags , and how security experts are putting smart to work to protect businesses from cyber attacks.A creative theme in the campaign is the use of ‘thought rays’ or ‘smart rays,’ which were introduced with the “smarter planet” theme in 2008. IBM has continued to use the rays in the Watson avatar to signal Watson as the AI for smarter business.Watch the spots by clicking on the Creative Works box below. IBM: Let's Put Smart to Work Added 06 April 2018 Overall Rating 5/5 Vote This article is about: North America, IBM Watson, Creative , Advertising, Brand

IBM ‘puts smart to work’ in new brand platform and tailors moments for the Masters with Watson

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