This value consensus of a society reflects the laws created to

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canada goose black friday sale Vera Bradley Accessories Are Pretty and PracticalI freely admit that I am addicted to canada goose outlet toronto factory handbags. I love all of them. I donate many to charity when I no longer have a use for them, or my tastes change. In contrast to Becker’s perspective of deviance, functionalists believe deviance occurs when a person’s behaviour departs from the shared values of a society. This value consensus of a society reflects the laws created to control deviance (Haralambos, Van Krieken, Smith, Holborn, 1996:533). Durkheim (as cited in Van Krieken et al., 2010:412) argues that punishment of deviation canada goose outlet michigan from this value consensus functions to restore shared values and moral sentiments. canada goose black friday sale

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