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Mine. That building is mine. You damaged it and I had to repair it. By the Power of Grayskull!: “By the Power of Astra, Zodiac Starforce lights the way!” (The tagline hasn’t changed in thousands of years.) Child Soldiers: The other side of the series’ premise. Colour Coded for Your Convenience: Though the Zodiac forms are predominantly light blue and white, each member of Starforce has their own colour scheme: Kim is blue, Molly is red, and Savanna is green. Emma takes the cake, since her uniform is almost completely pink and red.

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In the Ace Attorney series, a master of the Kurain channeling technical can host a dead person’s spirit accurately and on command. During a channeling, the medium’s physical body changes and she effectively becomes the other person. Phoenix Wright’s assistants Maya and Pearl have done this in court, many times, yet very few seem to see the physical change (some, like Miles Edgeworth, seem actively resistant to seeing it due to a strong bias against spiritual powers)..

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For the kids there, each day brings a chase for adventure through the neighborhood’s housing developments, which they see as a network of playgrounds. They walk to the playgrounds at the Van Dyke Houses. They walk to the playgrounds near the Langston Hughes Houses.

replica Purse Love Makes You Evil: From “Devil’s Bridge,” Jenny James killed Catrin’s newborn baby in a vain attempt to keep Catrin’s love all to herself. From “Dark River,” Arwyn Parry’s obsession with Greta Pritchard drives him into sending threatening emails and texts, getting into verbal confrontations, murdering her Polish tutee, and then kidnapping her and keeping her imprisoned in a well. Make It Look Like an Accident: Both Prosser and Dr. replica Purse

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