I do think there is one more type of mother

A Little Motherly Advice from Jane Austen’s Mothers

buy canada goose jacket The business of her life was to get her daughters married; its solace was visiting and news.” Pride and Prejudice buy canada goose jacket

Jane Austen never had children of her own, and she never wrote a conduct manual for mothers, but her novels certainly speak volumes about canada goose outlet her opinion on the state of motherhood in 18th century England and specifically that of the landed gentry.

In Sense and Sensiblity, Lady Middleton is a mother described as having the “advantage of being able to spoil her children all canada goose outlet new york city the year round” (32). She insists on bringing her “troublesome boys” (55) with her to most of her social engagements, and their actions canada goose outlet mall speak volumes: “Lady Middleton seemed to be roused to enjoyment only by the entrance of her four noisy children after dinner, who pulled her about, tore her clothes, and put an end to every kind of discourse except what related to themselves” (34).

In Mansfield Park, Austen says Lady canada goose outlet store uk Bertram is a mother who “might always be considered as only half awake” (343). She is most often described as “indolent” (four times) and most often found sitting on the sofa (eight times). Lady Bertram spends “her days in sitting, nicely dressed, on a sofa, doing some long piece of needlework, of little use and no beauty, thinking more of her pug than her children, but very indulgent to the latter when it did not put canada goose parka outlet uk herself to inconvenience” (19 20). As to the “education of her daughters,” she pays “not the smallest attention.” She is of little “service to her girls” in this regard, considering it “unnecessary” because they are “under the care of a governess, with proper masters, and could want nothing more” (20).

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Canada Goose Parka Lady Betram’s sister, Mrs. Price, is described similarly: “Her disposition was naturally easy and indolent, like Lady Bertram (390). Upon visiting home, Fanny’s “disappointment in her mother was [great]; there she had hoped much, and found almost nothing” (389). In describing her home management, Austen says Mrs. Price’s days are “spent canada goose outlet niagara falls in a kind of slow bustle; all was busy without getting on, always behindhand and lamenting it, without altering her ways; wishing to be an economist, without contrivance or regularity; dissatisfied with her servants, without skill to make them better” (389). Mrs. Price, the mother of nine children, is termed “a partial, ill judging parent, a dawdle, a slattern, who neither taught nor restrained her children, whose house was the scene of mismanagement and discomfort from beginning to end…” (390). With such an aunt and such a mother, it’s a wonder Fanny turns out so well. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance the pains which they, their mothers (very clever women), as well as my dear aunt and canada goose victoria parka outlet myself, have taken to reason, coax, canada goose outlet online store review or trick [Henry] into marrying, is inconceivable!” Mansfield Park canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale In this category, we find mothers like Mrs. Bennet and Mrs. Jennings who live to make matches. Both women make the business of matchmaking the main focus of their lives. Canada Goose sale

Mrs. Bennet, from the 1985 edition of Pride and Prejudice, illustrated canada goose sale uk by Hugh Thomson and published by Macmillan Co

canada goose black friday sale For Mrs. Bennet, marrying off her daughters is the “business of her life” (5). With five daughters and an entailed estate, Mrs. Bennet is always canada goose outlet uk sale on the look out: “A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls!” (3 4). Mrs. Bennet even comes up with elaborate schemes to achieve her goal, such as the day when Jane is invited to Netherfield and Mrs. Bennet sends her off on horseback, in the hopes that it might rain and she might be asked to stay the night. It all goes according to plan: “This was a lucky idea of mine, indeed!” (31). Only when Jane and Elizabeth marry canada goose outlet michigan well does Mrs. Bennet finally experience the joyful relief of sweet success: “Happy for all her maternal feelings was the day on which Mrs. Bennet got rid of her two most deserving daughters” (385). canada goose black friday sale

canada goose In Sense and Sensibility, Austen gives us this description of Mrs. Jennings: “She had only two daughters, both of whom she had lived to see respectably married, and she had now therefore nothing to do but to marry all the rest of the world” (36). In the role of matchmaking busybody, Mrs. Jennings is “zealously active.” Upon offering to take Elinor and Marianne to London, she says, “I have had such good luck in getting my own children off my hands that [your mother] will think me a very fit person to have the charge of you” (153). canada goose outlet jackets She takes her role as surrogate mother seriously while in London: “if I don get one of you at least well married before I have done with you, it shall not be my fault. I shall speak a good word for you to all the young men, you may depend upon it” (153 4). canada goose

canada goose clearance sale She took the first opportunity of affronting canada goose shop uk her mother in law on the occasion, talking to her so expressively of her brother’s great expectations, of Mrs. Ferrars’s resolution that both her sons should marry well, and of the danger attending any young woman who attempted to draw him in.” Sense and Sensibility canada canada goose outlet miami goose clearance sale

The mothers in this category, such as Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mrs. Ferrars, possess money and power, and they use both to rule over their offspring. Lacking in motherly affection or compassion, their matchmaking is purely strategic.

canada goose store Lady Catherine is described as “a tall, large woman, with strongly marked features” (162), the only living parent of Miss de Bourgh, the heir to the de Bourgh estate. As Mr. Darcy’s aunt, and “almost the nearest relation he has in the world,” she believes she is “entitled to know all his dearest concerns” (354). With both Pemberley and Rosings at stake, she takes her role quite seriously. She believes it’s her duty to “unite the two estates” by ensuring the marriage of her daughter to Mr. Darcy (83). For this canada goose clothing uk reason, upon hearing news of Mr. Darcy’s probable engagement to Elizabeth Bennet, Lady Catherine “instantly resolve[s] on setting off” to confront Elizabeth at Longbourn, that she “might make [her] sentiments known” and pressure Elizabeth into giving up Mr. Darcy (353). canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose Similarly, Mrs. Ferrars in Sense canada goose outlet store toronto and Sensibility is a “very headstrong proud woman” (148) who uses money to try canada goose outlet london to control her sons. In order to pressure Edward to marry well, she “told him she would settle on him the Norfolk estate, which, clear of land tax, brings in a good thousand a year; offered even, when matters grew desperate, to make it twelve hundred” (266). When he won’t comply, she threatens his ruin: “his own two thousand pounds she protested should be his all; she would never see him again; and so far would she be from affording him the smallest assistance, that if he were to enter into any profession with a view of better support, she would do all in her power to prevent him advancing in it” (267). When Edward persists in honoring his engagement to Lucy, Edward is “dismissed for ever from his mother notice.” Mrs. Ferrars settles the estate “which might have been Edward’s” upon his brother Robert (268). cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet With only these examples of motherhood, one might think Austen had nothing good to say on the topic of mothers. Thankfully, Austen’s novels do provide us with redemptive motherly moments as well. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose https://www.jacketstock.com Jackets In Emma, Austen tells us that Miss Taylor “had canada goose outlet store montreal fallen little short of a mother in affection” in her care of young Emma (5). In Sense and Sensibility, Mrs. Dashwood is described as possessing “tender love for all her canada goose outlet toronto location three children” (6). In Northanger Abbey, when Mrs. Morland worries that Catherine’s low spirits and inactivity stem from Catherine’s worldly experiences, she cautions her on that subject, saying, “there is a time for everything a canada goose outlet ottawa time for balls and plays, and a time for work. You have had a long run of amusement, and now you must try to be useful” (240). And Mrs. Gardiner is described in Pride and Prejudice as “an amiable, intelligent, elegant woman, and a great favourite with all her Longbourn nieces” (139). She gives mother like advice to Elizabeth, “a wonderful instance of advice being given on such a point, without being resented” (145). Canada Goose Jackets

In Persuasion, Austen presents a handsome picture of motherhood in Mrs. Musgrove. She loves her own children, worries that her grandchildren are being spoiled, and cares for the Harville children while Mrs. Harville nurses Louisa. At Christmas, the Musgroves bring the Harville children home with them and “receive their happy boys and canada goose outlet in chicago girls from school” (129). Austen describes Mrs. Musgrove’s home at Christmas as “a fine family piece.” There, Mrs. Musgrove is surrounded by “the little Harvilles,” a group of “chattering girls” at a table “cutting up silk and gold paper,” and “riotous boys” holding “high revel” near “tressels and trays, bending under the weight of brawn and cold pies” (134).

canada goose coats on sale Finally, Austen gives us a glimpse into the future when she describes Jane Bennet’s natural motherly instincts: “The children, two girls of six and eight years old, and two younger boys, were to be left under the particular care of their cousin Jane, who was the general favourite, and whose steady sense and sweetness of temper exactly adapted her for attending to them in every way teaching them, playing with them, and loving them” (239). canada goose coats on sale

On a day when we celebrate mothers everywhere, let us thank all of the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, canada goose outlet store quebec and mentors who have guided and loved us through the various seasons of our lives.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Austen, Jane, and R. W. Chapman. The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen. Oxford UP, 1988. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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Canada Goose online This is well written and thought out. I agree. I do think there is one more type of mother, however: The absent mother. It the mother absence that Darcy and Georgiana feel, along with Anne Elliot, Emma Woodhouse, John Dashwood, Wickham, Willowby, Henry and Mary Crawford, the Tilneys, Jane Fairfax, Frank Churchill, etc. While these mothers are absent by death, their absence is felt, and the surrogate mothers who try to take their place often fall short of the job, some greatly. If you look at where Anne and Emma misstepped, it was in putting too much stake in what the surrogate mother advised Canada Goose online.