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Canada Goose sale Green cards basically prove you have sufficient insurance to drive outside of the country you’re based (Image: E+)Get money updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe prospect of a no deal Brexit could bring back ‘green cards’ for millions of UK drivers venturing across the Channel or into the Republic of Ireland from 29 March 2019.Along with the rest of the industry, the AA said it is gearing up to canada goose outlet store uk issue green cards in potentially significant numbers for entry into mainland Europe, to prove that insurance cover is in place.Currently, under EU law, all motor insurance issued in the UK is valid throughout the EU as well as Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland. This means drivers can travel freely without the need for additional documentation beyond their driving licence and passport.However there are concerns that motorists will soon need a green card from their insurance company to prove they have third party insurance the legal minimum level of cover to drive abroad.Motorists may need special permits to drive in Europe under a no deal Brexit your questions answeredSome countries issue green cards electronically as canada goose expedition parka uk a pdf, which can be printed at home and the UK insurance canada goose store industry is considering whether they can be issued them in this way.In most cases, it can be obtained for free by simply calling up the insurer in question.However, to worsen matters, the Department for Transport has previously warned it could cost you: “providers can decide to reflect production and handling costs in a small increase to their administration fees.””Around 4.7 million drivers take their cars into Europe each year, excluding commercial traffic and I see no reason why that should change even after a hard Brexit,” explained Janet Connor at the AA.”Insurers already issue green cards for drivers taking their cars beyond European borders and some ask for one for the additional comfort they provide in proving, if needed, that their car is insured. The green card is, after all, essentially a multi language translation of your insurance certificate set out in an internationally recognisable format.”Cover that you have isn’t going to suddenly stop at midnight on 28 March but it would be prudent to ask your insurer for a green card before you go, if you expect to be away on that date.”Although there may be more queueing at ferry ports as documents are checked when leaving and re entering the UK, once in Europe there is no restriction in driving across borders Canada Goose sale.