The standard of play was obviously much better than the local

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The local TV networks that didn have the rights to the local league saw an opportunity and started looking for alternative basketball content.So they started buying up NBA highlight packages and clip shows for cheap. The standard of play was obviously much better than the local games and the branded merchandise of the mainstream NBA stars started becoming popular, so ratings went up and relatively quickly there were full games and regular news coverage.At the same time, those same supporters lost interest in watching the much lower standard of the NBL, so the downward spiral started ratings and crowds fell, so the teams had less money to attract import players, which lowered the standard, which dropped ratings and crowds, and so on. The NBL never really recovered.So it 1) NBA by a mile.

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One of the contradictions I remember feeling through the newborn days, was wishing that somebody would turn up and say, been a terrible mistake, this isn your baby and we going to take her away and have her looked after by more competent folk, while simultaneously knowing that if someone did actually try to take my baby away from me I would try to kill them with a fork. Or some dental floss. (I wasn thinking very clearly.).

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