The same thing happened at tech school

United and played 66 minutes. He had two shots, including free kick into the wall from just outside the penalty box, and picked up a yellow card. He also lost the ball at midfield before Martinez’s first goal. The same thing happened at tech school, if you were a leader in boot or soi then you were made the guide or class nco and had a leg up on the meritorious game.Once I got to the fleet it they asked who graduated the top of their class and who was the most senior lcpl, they put them in charge of the other lcpls, they got the highest pro/cons, they got first stab at the meritorious boards.That is why I say to take everything, to include boot, seriously. You can do the bare minimum or even do nothing all day and still get a pay check and never get fired. Most people choose to hide in the background so they can just collect their bit of money, some want to do more and choose to join the competition for promotion.I only did one enlistment but I was meritorious everything up to sgt.

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