(The only species I place at F tier are those who are so

Why do people think mosquitoes are high

Discount Moncler Coats WHY? Their stats are complete garbage across the board with cheap moncler sale the exception of decent MBL, and moncler outlet store even in that area they outclassed by almost every other aerial build in their weight class. They literally don have a single favourable matchup outside cheap moncler jackets womens of microscopic builds. The only way they can pose a threat to anything is by getting moncler womens jackets infected with a parasite, but even then, this really doesn benefit them at all, since they can control when they use it, and it works too slowly to be useful in a PvP situation. And that without taking into account that they get kicked from the game automatically after just eight weeks, or ten days if they spawn as male. The only thing moncler outlet keeping them moncler online store in the game is their high respawn rate and moderate MBL, but moncler outlet sale even then there are lots of other insect builds that have them beat out in both categories. cheap moncler jackets How are they anywhere other than F tier, or even F minus?You seem to be forgetting the best moncler jackets delayed moncler outlet woodbury reaction players moncler sale outlet have to the mosquito bite. It is the one factor that keeps them from just being F tier. Even human players struggle to take mosquitos out while they are getting loot. They must be doing something right. Discount Moncler Coats

discount moncler jackets Not S or A tier, because everybody knows that moncler outlet it is the viral and parasitic tag alongs moncler usa that make mosquitos deadly. Even if you removed the virus and parasites from the equation, the mosquitos still have an effective play style. If moncler outlet prices anything the virus NPCs and parasite players bring unwanted attention to the mosquito players. Besides as a bonus the discount moncler jackets irritants in the mosquito bite are great for trolling S tier players (mostly humans). I say they are high C/low B moncler sale online tier. They think they are rated on kills, and therefore “durr well since humans are god tier and mosquitoes have more kills on cheap monclerdownjacket moncler coats mens human players than any other class (indirectly of course), mosquitoes must be top tier”. discount moncler jackets

moncler outlet uk Yeah, except that Outside moncler outlet online isn an arena uk moncler sale FPS. Kill counts don matter at all unless you a predator, and then they matter only insofar as uk moncler outlet they help you survive and reproduce. The only thing mosquitoes have going for them is decent stealth and high reproduction. moncler outlet uk

cheap moncler I still place them in midtier since they have endured for many millions of years and are very good at surviving as a species and adapting to change, but that not generally what people who think of them as S tiers are thinking. (The only species I place at F tier are those who are so overspecialized and sensitive that a slight change to their environment can drive them to extinction, like flightless island birds and maybe some frogs.)Hardly. malaria is a parasite build that attacks both mammal and mosquito players, inflicting serious rebuffs on both of them. cheap moncler

cheap moncler jackets Mosquito players are severely hampered cheap moncler jackets mens by infection with moncler sale malaria players, not the other way around. cheap moncler jackets

moncler coats for kids Also, I seen a pretty big trend around here, that somehow having the ability to kill humans automatically makes a build high tier, which simply isn true in the slightest. It makes me think that most members of this subreddit have likely never even bothered to try moncler uk outlet any build other than humans moncler coats for kids.