Thanks for bearing with me and always staying by my side

When he was young, he was like the others of his class: patriotic and pious. He was like everyone else, as he shared on the same prejudices and the same bigoted fears. Like his comrades, he was also deeply religious. While visiting the Republic of Korea I’ve found a few South Koreans who like Donald Trump and believe he will work well with newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae in. But they are a distinct minority. Chief executive could recklessly if unintentionally trigger the Second Korean War, which America has sought to prevent for the last 64 years.

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The relationship between thinking, teaching and learning is one in which both the educator and student learn from one another. Yes, I am required to go to school to learn all that I can about my students so I can help them succeed. However, as an educator I am also apt to learn a great deal from my students.

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