You are still called out for having “Attacked a friendly

HERMES 5 is a project management method which has been reduced to the essential elements and can be adapted to individual projects and organisations.[2]It provides full support with scenarios for concrete project processes, a web tool for methodical support, checklists and templates for efficient project management.The method is a simple one and is understandable and does not address the methodologists, rather it addresses the project managers and those involved in the project. It contains clear task descriptions with activities, concrete role descriptions for cross organisational cooperation and document templates for quick results. It allows an efficient and transparent approach to the project.

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Never mind regular words, just the sounds can differ. Take something as mundane as a dog bark. It’s “woof woof”, right? Yes, unless you’re in Italy, where it’s “bau bau”, or Austria where it’s “wuff wuff”. Eric Hweler and partner J. Meejin Yoon chose to address the I 95 corridor from Boston to Washington, with a new kind of vision for shared space along the way. They call the 400 mile stretch of interstate “Boswash,” a shorthand for the cities at either end.

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