Soil fertility certainly made a major contribution

He has an office in prison from where he continues to operate.There are also the likes of Professor Abdul Rehman Maki who spread the Lashkar’s message convincingly. Zarar Shah and Usuf Muzzamil, who were part of the 26/11 attacks, enjoy a great deal of protection.The Lashkar, in fact, has become bigger today says an Intelligence Bureau official. It even funds Al Qaeda and five other outfits, including the Indian Mujahideen in India to the tune of Rs 70 million.The Harkat ul Mujahideen, the Harkat ul Jihadi Islami, Babbar Khalsa International and the Jaish e Mohammad are other outfits operating on Lashkar funds.Kindly click NEXT to read further.Five years ago, intelligence agencies failed to prevent 26/11.

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