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Collins mentioned the dog so often that Dartmouth political science professor Brendan Nyhan started keeping a running tally. “She’s trying to be funny I get that. I appreciate a good campaign story as much as the next person,” Nyhan said. That guy was henceforth known as the 5 sauces guy. The cashier was someone who she vaguely knew, small town and she had moved just barely out of the district so she hadn known him well since like 5th grade. She said hi, asked how his cousin was or something, some relative she knew, and that was it..

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bags ysl replica Do you see 2 billion more men around? You can do without one of them. Shake him loose from you. You can stand alone. We need work on that.’ “It’s all part of an approach that Pittsfield, and a growing number of schools across the country, have adopted called student centered learning. The idea is to ditch traditional classes (think: teacher lecturing from a rigid lesson plan at the front of a class to students in neat rows of desks) for a more personalized approach, where students have a much greater say in what they learn and how they learn it.At Pittsfield High School, students make their own progress and won’t get a grade until the very end of the school year after having multiple chances to demonstrate mastery. Wellington says that once her students realize they can make mistakes in class, they take more risks and further engage in learning.In her classroom, the students come up with their own questions for the reading and even decide the format of the class bags ysl replica.