So, starting over in a purposeful way, means bringing good

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I had been taught to square up a piece of raw lumber with a hand plane and a square. I had been taught to lay out and to cut dovetail joints by hand; to make mortise in tenon joints by hand. I had been taught to cut a perpendicular edge on a piece of hardwood with a hand saw..

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There are things that you can do that will be helpful to others. You have just got to have an action plan. Clean windows)? from this list identify what somebody might appreciate you doing for them? list the names of all the people you know who might appreciate this? go and offer to do it for the most person most likely to accept first, quoting how much? go through your list doing the same (you are likely, before long to earn a lot more this way, than working for an employer at student rates and you deserve to because you have shown initiative and been enterprising, which are rare and valuable qualities).

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