Since the boomer money is drying up

moncler jackets mens Virgil Albloh at Louis Vuitton is a huge mistake moncler jackets mens

moncler coats outlet LV is a multi billion dollar century uk moncler outlet old company that has one of the most valuable brand images in the world among almost all ages. They have controlled their image extremely tightly for years and years to retain the exclusivity and class that it has. moncler coats outlet

moncler coats for women Off White is a logo. Their menswear consists of photo tee and words written in Helvetica Bold. Virgil is going to cheapen LV by pushing streetwear too hard and making it a hypebeast mess. much less of an impact. moncler coats for women

moncler outlet ny I don see Virgil changing LV at all. He is going to design within their aesthetic and hopefully make some cool pieces that will be distinctly LV. I cheap moncler jackets mens don see why a brand that has been going strong for almost 200 years is going to try and follow a trend, they cheap moncler coats mens a luxury brand, they will stay a luxury brand. Hypebeasts still want LV pieces without them being a moncler usa streetwear brand moncler outlet ny

moncler jackets outlet online if anything, Virgil is gonna be changed by this. On top of it all, he has an over decade long relationship with the CEO of LV that spans back to the days when Virgil was interning at Fendi. as far as I see. Mass produced and easy to obtain people grew disinterested with traditional designs before moncler uk outlet the changeover and largely only came back when they broke down and cheap moncler sale altered the entire seasonal lines into a more modern format. Just saying. moncler outlet prices Virgil is going to have to tailor himself to the brand essence that LV has set. But honestly I think LV sees something inside him that we don we don best moncler jackets really know moncler outlet what is happening behind closed doors all we can do is trust their judgment and hope for the best. I just hope that the mens wear does not go too far into street style (kinda like Balenciaga) because I have always seen Louis as being an up scale fancy place. I don want to see the brand name get tarnished by marketing for a different crowd. if LV was making a new collection of casual/street wear alongside their traditional mens wear then I would not care as much. But in the end, louis vuitton has always been known for their leather goods and chests and whatnot, I think this is an attempt to try and create a stronger market for their clothing. moncler outlet sale Traditionally, luxury goods were only sold to older people in the west (in contrast to Asia where young people like to buy luxury products). Since the boomer money is drying up, the big brands want to start drawing in younger buyers, so they have to do away with the conservative fuddy duddy image and embrace what young people like. That why they getting streetwear designers in. This is not an LV x OW collab, they just hired him to design for them. That means creating new pieces that are strictly LV branded, but in Virgil vision. You uk moncler sale may see inspiration from OW in the pieces but there will be none of that branding. moncler jackets outlet online

cheap moncler jackets outlet IMO Virgil is a genius, he understands the way things can be manipulated and how trends are generated and how things are perceived. He understands that fashion is a construct moncler online store and moncler sale he is slowly deconstructing it and Cheap Moncler sale seeing what happensRetail moncler sale outlet dosent = knowledge but it shows that people here arent all hypebeasts. And Yes. People who enjoy design usually have the same gripes everyone else does. Inflated costs for Chinese products, workmanship issues and copycat ideas making it dull. People who make some of the things that get repped I am sure have some familiarity with the replicas and interest. Kanye spotted fake Red October immediately not just from some deep knowledge of what his shoes looke like but what the fakes DID. If imitation is the sincerest form of moncler womens jackets flattery, replicas are an extremely complex feeling for those being replicated. I not saying discount moncler jackets some huge celebs post/lurk here, but that as a designer I like how much a 15 year old Irish kid with no $$$ can tell if your x or y is fake because he spends all day staring at it and is willing to risk moncler sale online his $ on WU and being publicly mocked to have it. Every other fashion forum has a dedicated space for legit checks that probaly have more informations than here and I sure not to many people but that much thoughts into buying fakes when they buy it on street markets second hand or even unknownly. cheap moncler jackets outlet

moncler coats for men Look at the top comments here and then for example on r/streetwear and tell me where you see more knowledge. moncler coats for men

moncler jackets toronto I strongly disagree that there are a lot of cheap moncler jackets womens people here with fashion knowledge, I not saying that there are none cheap moncler jackets but definitely not that many like your trying to convince me. moncler jackets toronto

moncler coats for cheap I respect your opinion and agree that LV has retained a century moncler outlet store old image. However, right now we are seeing a golden age in fashion, where streetwear and designer are moving closer and closer to each other, with both being more popular than ever moncler outlet woodbury before. With that said, LV is embracing this new era in appointing someone like Abloh, moncler outlet online and will be able to reinvent themselves in this new time. I don’t think it will look like off white, Abloh isn’t a designer that can only do one thing. Louis Vuitton knows how to keep itself sustainable, as you said, so they must have a vision for themselves that Abloh will simply help bring to life. I think he is needed at LV, because although they are still relevant, they had not pushed any breakthrough designs the way for example Gucci has these past couple years moncler coats for cheap.