I have a short waist so I think my natural and high are in the

Team Spirit: Heavily comes into play during the Inter High arc. Tears of Joy: Teshima and Aoyagi shed a few when Tadokoro wins the first checkpoint against Izumida and Naruko. The Team: Sohoku, Hakone, and every other team competing at Interhigh. Also, when Tanya was overloading her computational jewel to self destruct, her eyes became red. Episode 5 gives several close shots of Tanya officer with various darker eye colors. The post ending episode gives as a shot of them working on a long range artillery spell with their eyes of shining yellow and blue.

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Obviously Evil: All the villains. Parody Magic Spell: “Bastardized Latinium,” among others. Pink Girl, Blue Boy: During Transmogritus, Celeste turns pink and Merrill turns blue. ETA: I just saw HNN screen capture and apparently the natural waist is no longer in the same place as it was when I was growing up! LOL! I don know what I measured now. I have a short waist so I think my natural and high are in the same place. Leaving one hole smaller and 2 holes larger.

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