It seems to have some strange (and rather creepy) effects in

Applying that standard, Romney has become quite proficient in these settings and looks increasingly capable of standing on a stage with Obama. But there are mile wide gaps in Romney’s answers on health care, and either a moderator or opponent will eventually dig in enough to expose them. Perry was underwhelming, and clumsy in his defense of his stand on Social Security but he will have another month of these to improve, and Obama’s speech will divert attention from much of a narrative building around Perry’s soft spots last night..

Bleach: Yhwach has a history of targeting the Quincies whenever he wants to redistribute Quincy power, or simply power himself up. Six years before the story began, he enacted The Purge on all “impure” Quincies, killing entire generations of men, women and children. He doesn’t refer to this as “genocide”; he refers to it as Auswahlen, or “Holy Selection”.

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Later, he’s also revealed to had almost been made Tranquil before due to suspicions that he killed a Templar. He didn’t, since if he was the one that did it, according to Danforth himself, that Templar would have died a slower and far more painful death from being bludgeoned. Deadpan Snarker: Solas, Evelyn, Danforth, Fitz, even Signy when she decides to talk.

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