They say it is one of the bigger cancers population wise and

Oddly enough, he seems to be the most cheerful of all the characters. In Alban Berg’s opera, he’s listed as a buffo bass. Buffo. If you are a flower lover as I am, you will understand that different types of flowers represent special meanings. For example, red roses are traditional symbols of love and romance, and yellow roses are a symbol of happiness. Flowers types and colors have a special and unique meaning to different individuals.

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No Loves Intersect: In the anime, Yuri hooking up with Yanagiba/Limone is the final push that gets Momoko and Yousuke and Hinagiku and Takuro to stop beating around the bush and start pursuing the relationships that the girls had put on hold because of their shallow belief in their crush on Yanagiba. In the manga, it’s the opposite; said two couples cause the girls to start drifting away from Yanagiba as they develop, and Yuri, the only one left, ultimately hooks up with him for an entirely different reason. Old, New, Borrowed and Blue: The Saint Something Four (it provides the page image), which ultimately function as the Plot Coupons and Mid Season Upgrades.

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