It is said that mistakes made in history

Meanwhile, there are two set ups like mine elsewhere in the shop, and one more small station that isn used as often.All that said, a manager from a different department wandered in a couple weeks ago and tried to tell us to turn off some fans to save money. Only air coming in was from small vents on top of the truck.My poor partner wasn’t licensed to carry a firearm yet, so he had to stay in the truck all day; while I was fortunate to be able to get out at every stop.Luckily we picked up from all the Starbucks in the area, and every store gave us free water and lemonade, otherwise the dude probably would have gotten terrible heat stroke if not worse.As I said earlier on hot mine sites in Australia, workers are very heavily regulated when temperatures get higher. Mandatory breaks in air con rooms every hour, supplied water and rehydration products, and the workers can set what work they do when so they can reduce the impact of the sun.

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