said, mission in Afghanistan was to defeat the Taliban, remove

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canadian goose jacket Bush, addressed whether the United States military should remain in Afghanistan. forces in Afghanistan and focus on threats from Pakistan.

Canada Goose Outlet ding6 said, should have left Afghanistan to the tender mercies of the Taliban long ago. military. Osama bin Laden is dead. Bring our troops uk canada goose outlet home now. said, it time to get out of Afghanistan and canada goose clearance sale Iraq completely. We could save billions and there is no need to be in those countries. The war on terror is an intelligence war. So I am out, besides that is exactly what bin Laden wanted, to bankrupt America, which is exactly what he is doing even after death. Canada Goose Online said, was NEVER a justified reason to send mobilized forces to Afghanistan. Ever. Nor in Iraq. said, cared before 9/11 if Afghans dressed their women in bags and denied their Canada Goose Coats On Sale kids education and killed people in the soccer stadium for listening to the Beatles, and nobody cares Canada Goose Parka now. If they want to join us in a few hundred years after their Enlightenment, fine, but get the boys out. ffmills responded, personally care that the Taliban repress women and denies them education. So here is a canada goose counterexample to your absurd, absolute statement that nobody cares. said, there any worse justification for remaining in a war than to ensure that more will die to make sure that those who have already died will not have died in vain? See history of Vietnam War. buy canada goose jacket cheap dsalvat1said, on extremism is cheaper if you use special forces and spies than sending massive armies to set up bases all over the world. said, to really help Afghanistan? Help them to develop it and create jobs there instead. That would be the most important way to stop terrorism. said, be over. BO has no plan for all the personnel canada goose uk outlet that will require bases. and will only add to unemployment if some are discharged. nick2 said, Canada Goose sale if anyone is naive enough to think that this marks the end of the war on terror, think again. War is big business maybe the biggest. JulieWorth responded, our military and intelligence budget pushing a trillion dollars a year, I say you Canada Goose Jackets right. said, mission in Afghanistan was to defeat the Taliban, remove the al Qaeda presence, and put Afghanistan on a firmer footing than it has had for hundreds of years, in order to keep it from remaining a terrorist breeding ground. This could have easily been over and done with the squandered Iraq budget. can interview wives with permission

canada goose As the dust settles over the killing of Osama bin Laden, the canada goose factory sale prime minister of Pakistan addressed Parliament and rejected accusations that his nation hadn adequately pursued the world most wanted terrorist. Pakistani officials also announced the United States can interview bin Laden wives with permission from their countries of origin, and Pakistan army chief is calling for a Parliament briefing on security and fighting terrorism.

canada goose coats mokicat said, of complicity are absurd? No sir, denying complicity is absurd. lolarites said, you had uk canada goose not been harboring bin Laden, then we would not have had to violate your sovereignty. By the way, as long as you are attacking us and have us on your mind, give us canada goose clearance back our $1.4B. sweetbella said, seems to me that Pakistan has been blackmailing us for quite some time. Now Canada Goose online that we have exposed the blackmail, Pakistan is saying it is our fault, in order canadian goose jacket to continue the blackmail. canada goose uk black friday Just like children caught by the parents, blaming others after doing some bad deed. The trust is lost. Let get out and let them fend for themselves, and allow us to defend our own interests. teremist said, is nothing DUMBER than sending Pakistan billions of dollars in aid. canada goose parka They were absolutely harboring, concealing, aiding and abetting Osama. Their military knew, their leaders knew, and they all laughed at the stupid Americans supporting the terrorism. grafixer123 said, may get to talk with the wives? Uh, I would think that Pakistan would be much more transparent and forthcoming since it appears they may have been assisting a terrorist. some readers warned against rushing to judgment.

canada goose clearance OnlySoMuch said, us not be sanctimonious. If the shoe was reversed, we would be asking for the head of the one who came to America and killed someone! Regardless of status. We would say our rights as a country were violated. We would claim America is a land of laws and that they should have been arrested and turned over after due course. nacho1 said, did violate their borders. What gives us the right to violate any other country laws? npaki786 said, what’s the bigger blunder: The CIA not knowing about 9/11 or Pakistan buy canada goose jacket not knowing about bin Laden? grafixer123 said, wish the news would remain silent about this. and give intelligence groups time to sort out what they know about Pakistan involvement. ragunsaid, need to be careful cheap canada goose uk in all of this to avoid demonizing the Pakistani people as a whole. There is obvious corruption, possibly throughout its government, however, there are a core canada goose store of well educated Pakistani people who hold no grudge against the West and would never harbor bin Laden. Education is the key. college canada goose coats on sale (about seven years ago) I canada goose coats had canada goose uk shop a roommate from Pakistan. He told me on several occasions that he thought Canada Goose Outlet that his government knew exactly where OBL was, but would never cheap Canada Goose hand over a fellow Muslim to a Western nation, because the people would bring the government down if they did. Seems he was right. you feel your views align with these canada goose black friday sale commenters thoughts? Post a comment below or sound off on video.