RELATED: Major earthquake hits Indonesia Lombok islandHis house

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aaa replica bags After surviving the jolt and a series of strong aftershocks, Mr Burns, his wife, and his toddler son made a terrifying, 3km dash up a nearby mountain, fearing the quake may have spawned a deadly tsunami.Nursing a twisted ankle, the family and about 200 others from their village waited in the dark for the danger to pass.He has since returned home and is struggling to comprehend the scale of the destruction.Workers remove the debris at a building damaged by an earthquake in Bali, Indonesia. Picture: AP Photo/Firdia LisnawatiSource:APforce was so severe that it threw us out of bed, and the walls immediately started cracking, he told AAP today.RELATED: Major earthquake hits Indonesia Lombok islandHis house is now uninhabitable, having sustained severe structural damage, including a second storey that is caving in. Both windscreens of his car are smashed from falling debris.He says there is still a sense of panic on the Indonesian island, where he manages a resort in Senggigi.Houses damaged by an earthquake in North Lombok, Indonesia aaa replica bags.