Here is the problem, even if you kill the alleged head of the

canada goose clearance sale Is Hedge Fund King Steve Cohen the New Michael Milken

Canada Goose online Is Steve Cohen the New Michael Milken?Steve Cohen, manager of SAC hedge fund, has had returns of over 30 percent for canada goose uk shop 18 years leading up to a loss in 2008. He established great returns leading up to the dot com crash, got out at just the right time and had massive returns shorting the stocks on the downside that he made money on as they went up. Byrne has said that the links that canada goose coats on sale lead to Cohen, led in the past to Milken. He believes that there is a massive organization that controls the way stocks are traded and these apparently make money for all the banksters on Wall Street. It has been reported that SAC Capital gets 4 bucks for every dollar from the likes of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and other primary dealers.

canada goose coats on sale We know that the primary dealers make money off of the taxpayer by selling bonds to Ben Bernanke at a premium. Bernanke is forbidden from buying the bonds directly from the treasury. That frees canada goose black friday sale up a lot of “mad money”, if you know what I mean. The banks want a big return, and so do pension funds. They are canada goose clearance sale gamblers supreme. But what if this gambling has at it’s core a ring of insider traders and information being received that the public has no access to? canada goose clearance I guess it could be great for your pension plan, but if you are a retail investor in stocks you are at canada goose the mercy of this system.

Canada Goose Jackets But if the SEC, who looked the other way Canada Goose Online as Cohen may have received inside information in the past, is on the case, along with the justice department, then Cohen could be toast.

cheap Canada Goose Important Update: Mathew Martoma has been charged with insider training. He canada goose uk outlet reports to Steve Cohen. Sharks have to be circling around Cohen and I predicted the Feds were going after him. This gets really close to the top. Martoma is charged with securities fraud canada goose factory sale and is looking at 20 years. I predict he will sing like a Miss Piggy if he can implicate Cohen, for a lesser sentence.

buy canada goose jacket cheap This is a huge insider trading case, with 276 million dollar profits. It is the largest ever.

canada goose Gasparino broke the story that Cohen is cooperating with the investigation.

Canada Goose Parka In the Light of This Syndicate, Retail Investors Should Be CarefulRetail investors will have a lot of difficulty in putting canada goose sale mens money into a stock market that is apparently controlled by a syndicate with governmental backing. All the little efforts to go after this bad guy and the next is simply not going to give confidence to investors, who may be pulling money out of bonds, but are not willing to play the Bernanke game and commit to a stock market that had a flash crash, that allows naked shorting, that allows massive insider information, etc.

Canada Goose sale This cheap canada goose uk is the bottom line regarding stocks, it is a fools game and retail investors are the fools. If you Canada Goose Jackets think you can beat this game, it is unlikely that you can outsmart the professionals who Canada Goose online clearly may not be playing by any rules I am familiar with. Here is the problem, even if you kill the alleged head of the syndicate, Steve Cohen, by banning him from Wall Street, it won’t matter. You have to kill the syndicate, and that is something our government seems unwilling to do. Never forget, the government is never on your side and will not be until canada goose store massive penalties, death penalties, must be handed out to corporations to bring Wall Canada Goose Coats On Sale Street to her knees.

canada goose clearance You see, it is much easier to short stocks when you have inside information. You participate in a run up, and you make money as you buy stocks, and then as the economy suffers you can actually enhance the downturn by shorting stocks. Actually, you can’t do this, but big players Canada Goose sale like Goldman Sachs and uk canada goose outlet others alleged to be in the ring of insiders can kill the retail investor by these tactics.

canada goose store Dendreon, Cramer and Naked Short SellingDendreon had a promising prostrate drug. It is estimated that many people died because cheap Canada Goose people shorted the stock of this company with naked shorts. A naked short means you sell a stock you don’t even own. These phantom shares increase the amount of shares a company has, even though they don’t really exist, driving the price down, down, buy canada goose jacket down.

buy canada goose jacket Even Jim Cramer, who had come out afterward being against naked short selling, very likely helped the destruction of the stock price as Deep Capture, a blog that uncovers naked short selling, implicated Cramer as being a Canada Goose Outlet part of the short selling scam and network. The Canada Goose Parka scam includes the SEC looking the other way and also the generation of false reports on stocks issued by the press! Even the press canadian goose jacket is captured. And evenCNBC appears to be on the side of making insider trading legal. If the uk canada goose government wants to screw the retail investor with all these scamsters pitching in, there is no choice than to boycott the stock market permanently.

canada goose black friday sale According to the above link, Milken’s network may have included government officials, Cramer, medical individuals with interests against Dendreon, and financial interests, ie., hedge funds. No one has been charged, but hey, if Cramer can do what he did, then we can point out the suspicion. I am not getting buy canada goose jacket cheap my hopes up but we shall see.

canada goose deals No, both parties were involved. The repeal of Glass Steagall was pushed in congress by Phil Gramm, a Republican. But Clinton canada goose uk black friday signed it. Here are some references to what actually happened. Again, use canada goose coats some independent thinking and quit spouting the Fox News line because it isn’t right. Here are my articles on the subject:.