Prime Minister Donald Tusk backed the PGE bid for Energa

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moncler outlet store PGE Chief Executive Tomasz Zadroga said on Thursday he expected a green light from UOKiK for the application, even though the watchdog has repeatedly said it would not back the deal due to concerns it will limit competition in Poland energy market.motion to the UOKiK will be ready in the coming days, three weeks at the most, Zadroga said.expect the approval to come within two cheap moncler coats mens months after that, without giving any further details.On Wednesday, state owned PGE signed a 7.5 billion zloty ($2.5 billion) preliminary deal to buy an 84 percent stake in smaller Energa from the government, as it aims to best moncler jackets become one of the European Union top eight utilities. [ID:nLDE68E1GP]To achieve this goal, Poland top utility is eyeing more takeovers, but will focus mainly on Poland neighbours to the southwest rather than on the domestic market.are not planning any takeovers in Poland, Zadroga said. Are most interested in our immediate neighbours, but if the opportunity for a great deal comes up somewhere else we will certainly consider it.PGE Chief Financial Officer Wojciech Topolnicki said the company would announce plans for a domestic bond issue worth more than 6 billion zlotys within a month, cheap moncler jackets womens adding: will be the biggest one in Poland so far.Prime Minister Donald Tusk backed the PGE bid for Energa, saying it was the best moncler outlet way to shore up the government plan to build its first nuclear power plant by 2022. moncler outlet store

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