The point is that smoking weed is a powerful substance that

But the “nay sayers” will interrupt our reasoning here by saying that perhaps we could make a difference in the world, but all of us are set in our ways, and you know the old adage: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. My reply is that I have seen old houses lifted off their foundations, put on trucks and trailers, moved half way across town, and placed on new foundations in new neighborhoods or sometimes moved several miles to new towns. If need be, you can move your house of life to a new, more solid foundation..

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Routing 3 infantry divisions (50,000 troops) all by themselves (48 mages), capturing the enemy HQ, and then raiding the enemy’s capital city, all in the same day. Driving off 3 wings of mage troops, 2 further reinforcing mage squadrons, and a bomber squadron, again all by themselves. Neutralizing the defenses of the Oslo Fjord, despite intervention by an opposing mage wing, within 30 minutes with no other support from friendly forces.

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