Not to forget three layers of socks

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Riyadh. He is meeting with Saudi Arabia’s leaders about the disappearance and likely death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi talked to NPR earlier this year. Ask Hari, what personal indignities did the explorers brave? Stink: Balaclavas covered the face to keep away frostbite. But these stank unforgivingly with humans breathing hard into them at oxygen thin altitudes. Not to forget three layers of socks, unwashed for a week, the innermost one putting pigs to shame! Baths: None in the week the explorers were on the high ridges.

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No recall. The former Elkhart County prosecutor said in a defiant statement posted to Twitter Friday afternoon that he has been \”falsely accused of some of the same crimes I spent 28 years prosecuting.\”\u00a0He called for a \”thorough investigation\” into the allegations against him and called them \”vicious and false.\” Hill also said an investigation of his conduct by the Indiana Inspector General\u0027s office would not be a \”fair and independent\” investigation.\u00a0Attorney General Curtis Hill seeks thorough investigation of accusations against him. Hill, Jr.

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