Not really a “I don agree with your shitty sentiments” button

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Canada Goose Outlet Strahd is in essence, the god of his Demiplane. To have him defeated by a canada goose outlet los angeles lucky roll in one round is a let down. The whole campaign builds up the “devil”. I found that “flicking” the tank as enemies fire is the best way to go about it. If you twist the tank unexpected to one side as they about to fire, their aim tends to go off if they were trying for weakspots, it increases the angle at which they hit the front of the tank, increasing the effective thickness, and increases the chance their shot will go into the tracks and get eaten. You have a fast aim time and your reticule doesn bloom too much when you turn, and you reload so fast that missing isn a big deal, so take advantage of that and keep moving. Canada Goose Outlet

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