No visits to the doctor yet to confirm

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moncler jackets for women My wife and I were married in 2011. We dated four years and the day we married was the best day of my life. We immediately became pregnant with our best moncler jackets daughter, who is now 5. A couple of years later we welcomed our son (now almost 3).Brief introduction of us I almost 41 and she almost 37. I work full time and she recently became a stay at home mom. We are middle class, homeowners living in Seattle, college degrees, financially responsible, socially liberal on most issues, have good friend circle (many with similar aged children), good family support live in area. Both of us raised in healthy and happy traditional nuclear moncler outlet homes. Our traditional marriage is good and based on trust, but I won lie and say the last 5 years of raising two children hasn been without its challenges and occasional spat. But we married for life, and at the altar when I said I do forever, I meant it. Overall, we are fortunate and thankful for our lives.After the birth of our second moncler outlet prices child, I was done. I had considered getting a vasectomy (snipped). Many of my dad friends had done it and recommended I do it. My wife was against it, and I wasn really wanting to do it either for other reasons.My wife always semi joked she wanted another kid, and had quipped she felt incomplete and that moncler uk outlet being a mother is her calling. She is an excellent, patient mother to our children. However, I felt it was a phase and she could get her “baby fix” with friends newborns. I did not feel a need to moncler womens jackets have another child, and was quite against it. I was frank with her on the matter, but because of the differing opinion and emotional confrontation, we avoided discussing it at length.Fast forward to 2 weeks uk moncler outlet ago when my wife informs me she missed her period and sure she is pregnant. No visits to the doctor yet to confirm, but we have never had problems conceiving, and I believe she is pregnant. Our birth control was her counting her monthly cycle, which she is pretty good at. I always reached cheap moncler jackets mens for a condom just in case, but she does not like using uk moncler sale them and told me it was not needed. Well we slipped one past the goalie.When she told me, I reacted poorly, saying it would mess up the good thing we had going, I was tired and didn have the energy, our family was complete already. Not to mention the fact that it was be financially very difficult (we have to buy a larger house and I don need to tell you what Seattle real estate is like). We are quite squeezed in our little home already. I told her she would have to go back to work. I asked her to terminate the pregnancy. To sum it up, it wasn the reaction she was hoping to hear.The next week I bounced between many emotions. Anger, for cheap moncler sale upsetting our lives, even considering the idea she intentionally got pregnant. Fear, moncler outlet online that our stable little family might crumble, that 3 makes an odd man out and the children would suffer. Fear, that she isn healthy for this, as she is showing some physical ailments/breakdown that shouldn be ignored and having another child will only fixing those off further. Fear, that I suffering physical ailments as well and don have the energy to go through another round of caring for an infant. Fear, that both her parents and mine are elderly and close to needing care from us, and that they won be there to be the “relief valve” and help with watching the kids when we need it. moncler sale outlet Anxiousness, that we had just got out of having the kids in diapers and were just starting the “next phase” of our children being autonomous and doing activities I could participate in. Guilt, for crushing her dreams and not supporting the idea of a third child when moncler sale online its something she wants very badly.One day I wrote out an objective list of reasons (many of which are cited above) why having a third child was a bad idea. After a few more days of trying to ignore the issue, we had our blowup. I presented her my list and she listened, acknowledging they were valid and made sense. She then countered with her moncler outlet store belief that this was meant to be, and she could not in good conscious have an abortion. It would stay with her forever and she says she would never get over it, and would forever resent me for pushing the issue. I told her I might resent the child and her for letting this happen. I slept on the couch that night, feeling disgust and bitterness.The next morning there was nothing else to do but discuss it more. I again said I wasn interested, and she can force this on moncler sale me. She again countered with her same argument that it was meant to be, that our “next phase” of children would just have to wait a few more years. I yelled I would be almost 60 years old at this child high school graduation. I want to play moncler outlet woodbury sports with my kids and be active, not the “old dad”. I said I wouldn care, not even over the name we would give it. I said I wound go with her to the doctor appointment. I told her she was being selfish and not putting what she has now over what she might have. She told me she would start contacting a divorce lawyer if this was how it was going to be.It only been a few days since that talk, but I am completely stunned and not myself. I was a zombie at work, not able to focus on anything. At home I been short tempered and avoiding everything. I cried in my car, cried in the bathroom. Borderline panic attacks. I frantically researching mental health professionals, as I need to talk to someone. I haven seen a counselor since before we were married. I can talk to my family or friends until the doctor visit to confirm the pregnancy. I feel like an absolute asshole for saying cheap moncler coats mens the things I said and my attitude, and I can take moncler usa that back. Even if it isn a viable pregnancy, or she miscarries, I made my mark and she will always think less of me. I scared she regrets even having ever met me. I absolutely DO NOT want to break up our family, I love my children and family. I am certain a divorce would ruin all of us.We are at an absolute impasse. She is set in her mind, the only thing that could stop this is the doctor saying she or the baby are not healthy and viable.I beside myself. It not that I don love children, I really do. And I know I still love the child regardless, it not the child fault and they should not be treated unfairly. And she may be right, that it is only raising another baby is temporary and it pass and everything will be OK and we will all be happier. But what if it not? What if this was a bad idea and our quality of life is destroyed? What if I do resent her, or she resents me because of my opinion. What if her feeling of being “incomplete” is just a phase and she really just misses doting on a newborn. What if that feeling doesn go away cheap Moncler jackets after a third child? Am I the selfish one? Are my doubts unreasonable? What can I do?Well if you keep going the way you are now it won be the newborn to destroy your marriage, you doing it all by yourself.I get it, I would be upset too. This is a longstanding serious commitment to which you clearly weren prepared for, nor did you had the intention to go through it and you made it clear beforehand.The thing is, you gotta be realistic, this is a woman and her dream of a moncler outlet sale perfect family that you talking about.I know there are thousands of valid logical reasons to why having a child now is not a good idea and it should not happen.But it happened.Now the way I see it, it can go only in a very few ways: 1 you successfully manage to make her change her mind and have the abortion. I can guarantee you she will never neither forget nor forgive.Any emotional problem and crisis that will raise from that moment onwards will all be because you made her terminate the pregnancy. How sad she is, how depressed, how changed. And discount moncler jackets she would be right, because moncler online store it her cheap moncler jackets body, her baby, she loves already this child and you would have made her erase this chance of having her third son. Her mind is already set and there is nothing that can be done to undo it and make it look alright.2nd way is that you get a divorce, that would be the ultimate destruction of you guys family. Including your current kids. She will move on and eventually find a new cheap moncler jackets womens partner, you see your children growing up one weekend at the time while is their stepdad raising them moncler jackets for women.