Nice!” she wrote on September 10

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Plus JR is a business man and know’s what he’s doing, that’s why he’s a GM in the NHL and we’re on a message board! In my opinion Ray was worth a 1st rd pick if they’re really trying to win the cup, look how veterans canada goose outlet toronto location like Recchi and Weight help us but he also would be in a new system and would have had to get use to the players and coach which could hender his point production. Plus I could see Staalsy telling JR at the end of the season “I want Ray here, make it happen.” I would feel different about the situation if Ray was injured all the time (knock on wood) or didn’t produce but it’s the total opposite. How many other 37 year old’s in the NHL average 20+goals a season and a point a game? Bottom line is he’s still a Cane and wants to be canada goose outlet jackets here, and we should support him..

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