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According to the SEC order, BOKF NA failed in its gatekeeper role as indenture trustee and dissemination agent for Brogdon bond offerings. BOKF and Neilson became aware that Brogdon was withdrawing money from reserve funds for the bond offerings and failing to replenish them, and he had failed to file annual financial statements for the offerings. BOKF and Neilson also knew that the nursing home facilities serving as collateral for one of the bond offerings had been closed for years.

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He was being an atagonistic wanker, but until he called her a nigger you can assume he a racist. That the problem.I not condoning his actions. From the initial harrasment of the woman for simply obeying traffic laws because they inconveniencing him, through to his use of a racial slur, he in the wrong.But, she not helping this situation by assuming that his initial reaction to her was because he was “white and entitled”, there are plenty of entitled road users, the fact he white has zip to do with the situation at hand as far as we can tell from this video.I get shouted at on the bike, I get honked at, I get people driving aggresively and I a white male.

Combine these ingredients in a large container. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and then sift the self rising flour into your mixing bowl or storage container. This helps to ensure the baking powder and salt is combined uniformly and gives a light and fluffy texture to your baked goods.

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