Next time they might vote for somebody who makes Trump look

Universal income can fix our broken democracy

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replica bags from china The political model of Western style democracy, which grew up alongside and then within a capitalist economic model, is now broken. Exhibit No. 1 is Donald Trump, but there lots of other evidence too. replica bags from china

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replica bags online The themes that dominated the populists rhetoric everywhere were racism, nationalism, hostility to immigrants and jobs. replica bags online

replica designer backpacks Trump rarely talks about anything else: immigrants are stealing the jobs, free trading American businessmen are Replica Designer Handbags exporting the jobs, the foreigners are eating America lunch. Down with free trade! America first! Etc.! (Hint: Donald Trump is not a Republican. He is a populist.) Trump replica Purse may not know a lot, but he knows one big thing. We are living in a new era of mass unemployment, and nobody has noticed. As Trump said the night after he won the New Hampshire primary in February 2016: believe those phony numbers purse replica handbags when you hear 4.9 and five per cent unemployment. The number probably 28, 29, as high as 35. In fact, I even heard recently 42. rate, either. According to Nicholas Eberstadt Men Without Work, the real unemployment rate among American men of prime working age (24 55) including those who don get counted because they have given up looking for work is 17 per cent. replica designer backpacks

Why didn we notice? Because the unemployed Wholesale Replica Bags weren protesting in the streets like they did in the Great Depression of Replica best replica handbags Handbags the 1930s, although the rate is getting up to Depression levels. After the Second World War, all the Western democracies built welfare states, mainly so a new generation of radical populist leaders would not come to power the next time there is mass unemployment.

cheap designer bags replica It has worked, in the sense that there is not blood in the streets this time around, but the jobless millions are very angry even if the welfare state means they are not starving. Next time they might vote for somebody who makes Trump look good by comparison. cheap designer bags replica

high replica bags One third of American manufacturing jobs have vanished in the past 20 years, and the vast majority of them (85 per cent) were destroyed by automation. The computers and the robot arms have already killed the Rust Belt, and there is a plausible prediction that almost half of existing American Fake Designer Bags jobs may be automated out of existence in the next 20 years. high replica bags

aaa replica bags The leading proposal for dealing with the political fallout from this is called universal basic income (UBI). Every citizen would get enough to live a decent life whether they are working or not, although most people would probably keep working as well in order to have more money. And making it universal removes the shame and the anger: UBI would be a universal birthright, not charity for aaa replica designer handbags those who have lost their jobs. aaa replica bags

bag replica high quality Some may argue Designer Fake Bags this is saving capitalism, not replica handbags online smashing it, and they would be high quality replica handbags right. Designer Replica Bags But evolution is better than revolution, and fixing the Replica Bags model that is broken, essentially Fake Handbags by a major expansion of the welfare state, Replica Bags Wholesale is a better bet than abandoning it. bag replica high quality

best replica bags Gwynne Dyer is an independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries. His new book, Growing Pains: The Future of Democracy (and Work), is published this month by Scribe in Canada best replica bags.