Netanyahu also referred to other investigations against his wife

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high quality hermes replica uk It noted the Netanyahus had billed taxpayers for 92,781 shekels, or about $24,000, for takeout food in 2011.Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the attorney general’s statement in a Facebook post, blaming the inflated spending on his former housekeeper, Naftali. He uploaded a bar chart, highlighting that the overspending “fell miraculously when he left.””Why did the expenses surge in these years? Who ate or took huge quantity of food, enough for a football team? Certainly not the Netanyahu family,” he wrote.Netanyahu also referred to other investigations against his wife, including probes of the purchase of garden furniture and the hiring of an electrician who was also a family friend, which the attorney general said in his statement Friday have now been closed.”This too will evaporate in the hearing,” Netanyahu wrote. “Let the data speak for itself.”In an earlier post on Facebook, Netanyahu hermes birkin 25 replica called his wife a “courageous and honest woman who has never had any flaws in her actions.”He also called Naftali a “serial liar.”Since winning his case against the Netanyahus, Naftali has been at the center of weekly public protests against what he calls the prime minister’s corruption and the failure of the attorney general to bring indictments against the Israeli leader in at least two cases currently being investigated.Netanyahu has officially been named a suspect in two cases. high quality hermes replica uk

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