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You know you’re busy, we’re all busy. When your tenant has a water break in the basement, though, you have to drop what your doing and go. That is, unless you have a property management company.. You can use either Thai red or green curry paste. Thai red curry paste tends to produce a “hotter”style curry while Thai green curry paste has rather more subtle flavors. Keep tasting the curry for heat and spiciness.

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Acid Pool: Some of the planets have naturally occurring ones. Not as damaging as lava, but still dangerous. Is a Crapshoot: What does a mining AI do as soon as it malfunctions? Starts building mechanical fighting vehicles to attack its human creators, of course.

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The old man and Debbie are organizing a table with bottles and plates, while Christie and Marty’s companions (whom we have dubbed “the joggers” since they’re always out jogging in the mornings, rain or shine) have been preparing something around the outside cooker. And I might be just a dog, but as far as I’m aware, that device is only used during the summer. But when there’s food concerned, who am I to ask?.

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