Mean Character, Nice Actor: He’s now best known for playing

Related to the “Shame” post, he seems to find his Sexiest Man Alive title more amusing than anything else. Mean Character, Nice Actor: He’s now best known for playing Gibbs, a stoic character with a hands on method of keeping his subordinates in check, on NCIS, but he’s much more garrulous and goofy when not in character and, according to his costars, he’s a relentless practical joker. Mr. Fanservice: His earlier roles tend to be Pretty Boy characters that were inserted mainly for eye candy. Older Than They Look: Would you believe he’s in his 60s? Fans are often stunned to discover Harmon appears in TV shows dating back over 40 years his TV acting debut was in 1973. Old Shame: Isn’t particularly proud of having been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, considering it nothing more than an odd moment in his life. He poked fun at his sex symbol status when he hosted SNL in 1987. While not necessarily ashamed, he’s stated “I was glad when I could put it behind me when it was done”, referring to the Bundy role, indicating that it unnerved him to play such a psychopath. Playing Against Type: His absolutely bone chilling performances as Serial Killer Ted Bundy and murderer Thomas Capano in two separate miniseries. Some critics have deemed one or the other or both as among his best work review of the second miniseries describes him as “all evil”. Rated M for Manly: Thanks to portraying badass characters and the Rule of Sean Connery taking effect. Real Life Relative: His son portrays the younger version of Gibbs in NCIS. Reality Subtext: He was initially a pre med student in college and likes to joke that he decided that playing a doctor (as he’s frequently done) would be easier and more fun than being a real one. Rule of Sean Connery: Him being included makes most productions significantly better. Silver Fox: He let his hair go gradually gray, which eventually gave him one of the most striking looks on American television. Typecasting: He’s spent much of his career portraying law enforcement and medical personnel. Watching him in the movie Summer School as a laid back cool teacher is probably jarring to those used to his later hardass roles. He also spent a good chunk of his career being considered a Mr. Fanservice actor. Donald Bellisario almost didn’t consider him for the role of Gibbs on NCIS because of that reputation and only changed his mind when he saw Harmon’s guest stint on The West Wing and realized that Harmon had aged gracefully and had the acting chops to not have to rely on good looks.

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